PalliEM About Us Dr. Justin K. Brooten, MD Dr. Justin K. Brooten, MD
CEO and Editor-in-Chief

Dr. Justin K. Brooten, MD is an Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine at Wake Forest School of Medicine, Atrium Health Wake Forest Baptist. He is dual board-certified in both emergency medicine and hospice and palliative medicine.  Dr. Brooten practices clinically in both emergency medicine and palliative medicine.  In addition to his clinical work, he develops educational materials for medical students, residents, and practicing physicians related to key topics intersecting emergency medicine and palliative care.  He is engaged in research efforts to better understand how palliative care needs can be best addressed in emergency medicine settings.  Through collaboration with other colleagues interested in this type of work, it became evident that a centralized resource was necessary to house the developing body of work in this field.  This became part of the inspiration leading to the creation of


Michelle C. Brooten-Brooks, LMFT
Director of Content

Michelle C. Brooten-Brooks is Dr. Brooten’s sister. She is a licensed marriage and family therapist, and health and medical journalist. Her articles have appeared in numerous newspapers and publications across the country including The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and  Michelle worked for several years in community mental health as a crisis counselor and outpatient therapist. She is currently in private practice and specializes in adult therapy for individuals, relationships, and couples at:

In Memoriam
Kenneth E. Brooten, Jr., JD

Our late father, Kenneth E. Brooten, Jr. was an accomplished attorney with experience in the fields of medical journalism and medicine.  He recognized the importance of palliative care firsthand as a patient with pancreatic cancer. He supported the concepts of free open access to medical education and the advancement of palliative care in emergency medicine settings.  He inspired our respective interests in medicine and medical journalism. is a culmination and continuation of his legacy, and is dedicated to his memory.
—Dr. Justin K. Brooten & Michelle C. Brooten-Brooks